operating documents


Prime property management contract:



Building CC&R:

Toy Warehouse CC&Rs [Building]



TWL CCR 11.3.16

Face Pages CCRs


HOA Bylaws:

TWL bylaws final 2016


2020 Election Rules Revision:

Election Rules Toy Warehouse Lotts


Rules & Regulations:

R&R Jan, 2021  (Supplemental Rules and Regulations. pending final approval)


Fine & Fee Schedule:

Fines 08.07.19


Business Operation    (see specific section in House R&)


Application Form       Application L:W


Collection Policy         Collection Policy


Parking and Storage Locker Assignments   
Parking & Storage Assignment
Parking Assignments (graphic)

Dog Rules                      san215_DogRules


Roof Policy                   Roof Use


2015 Settlement         final-executed-agreement-7-22-15


Deck Warranty           See Maintenance section


Condo Plan                  Condo Plan


BRE Budget, orig       twl-dre-2001-04_apportionment


Original COO             img019


Articles of Incorporation             Articles of incorporationTWL


Presidents Report     President’s Report 2019


Construction Defect Lawsuit      CDL Settlement, 2004


Notes on Storage Cage Assignment     Storage 5:07


Residential and Commercial Units – Layout in Building (graphics)  
Residential units layout in building
Commercial units and 2nd floor residential units